Shipping Policy

Current regulations on shipments by Correo Argentino.

Sitemuisc has made an agreement of commercial nature with Correo Argentino as its integral shipping service for the products that the store sells to the whole country and the rest of the world. YOU. You can place your orders of up to 25 Kg. using the applications of our website, in various modalities with delivery by withdrawing from the branch closest to your home, valid only in Argentina, or receiving it at your home. It also has optional cash on delivery services, valid only in Argentina, payable upon receipt of your order. The way to access this service is your free choice when making your purchase on our site.

Home delivery

This being one of your modalities, you will receive your order at your home, whether private or work.


Value or quotation of the shipments.

The values ​​for the shipments are those provided by Correo Argentino according to its current price list as of the date of the date. The value of the same is the result of the choice made by you, not for the quantity of products that you choose when buying but for the total weight when you collect all of them.

The price range ranges from 0 to 1 KG, from 1 KG to 2 Kilo and from 5 Kilos to 10 Kilos.

The value of the prices for the shipments is expressed with VAT included.



The option of payment in cash on delivery is only for shipments within the territory of the Argentine Republic.