Quienes somos

It is a commercial enterprise conceived and directed by Claudio Norberto Ronanduano.
The company dedicated to the distribution and commercialization of record products in formats such as CD, DVD, CD + DVD, Vinyl and Books) of independent artists and record labels such as, Pai Producciones, Blue Art of Rosario, ByM Label, Vinyl Records of Coffee Vinyl, Untref Sonoro, Rio de la Plata Records of the National Academy of Tango, Many Wood Records, Sofa Records and other important labels of the industry. Musical genres such as tango, jazz, folklore, etc., both nationally and internationally in physical and digital form. Some of the artists that make up the catalog are: Tonolec, Luna Monti and Juan Quintero, Celeste Bridge, Adrian Iaies, Rolando Goldman, Veronica Condomi, Maria de los Angeles Ledesma, Guillo Espel, Manolo Juárez, orchestra Amores tangos, Marcelo Moguilevsky, Ernesto Snajer, Willy González, Juan Falu, Cecilia Zabala, Guillermo Klein, Juan Raffo, Fernando Lerman, Gerardo Gandini, Ernesto Jodos Juan Cruz de Urquiza, Bernardo Baraj, Sandra Luna, Hernán Genovese and many more.
Having said commercialization area the territories of the Argentine Republic as well as different points of the outside.
Currently, he also carries out another venture and is www.sitemusic.com.ar web page of commercialization of record products of national origin. With national and international scope. Focused more on independent production.
Since 2012 he has participated in different events in the cultural sector, to name a few