Disc1 Songs From Tsongas:  

1) Intro/Firebird Suite

2) Going For The One

3) Sweet Dreams

4) I´ve Seen All Good People

5) Mind Drive Parts 1 & 2

6)South Side Of The Sky

7) Turn Of The Century

8) My Eyes

9) Mind Drive Parts 3

10)Yours In No Disgrace

11)The Meeting ( Piano Solo)

12) Long Distance Runaaround

13)Wonderous Stories

14)Time is Time 

15) Roundabout

16) Show Me

17)Owner Of A Lonely Heart

18) Second Intial (Guitar Solo)

19) Rhythm Of Love

20) And You And I

21)Every Little Thing

22)Starship Trooper

Disc2 Live In Lugano:

1)Firebird Suite

2) Going For The One

3)Sweet Dreams

4)i´ve Seen All Good People

5) Long Distance Runaround

6) The Fish

7) Owner Of A Lonely Heart

8) And You And I

9) Starship Trooper

10) Rounabout