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Disco 1 Tribute to Ray Charles

1 Hallelujah I Love Her So (Ray Charles)

2 Busted (H. Harlan)

3 Them Thats Got (Ray Charles)

4 You Don T Know Me (Cindy Walker / Eddy Arnold)

5 Hit The Road Jack (Mayfield .)

6 Margie (Mayfield .)

7 Georgia On My Mind (Carmichael)

8 What D I Say (Hill & Range)


Disco 2 Back to funk

1 Uptown Up

2 To Be Or Not To Be

3 Off The Hook

4 Advanced Funk

5 Shake Everything You Got

6 Pass The Peas



Maceo Parker Voz, saxo alto

Koji Paul Shigihara Guitarra

Heiner Wiberny, Karolina Strassmayer Saxo alto

Olivier Peters Saxo tenor

Paul Heller Saxo tenor

Marcus Barthelt Saxo barítono

Rob Bruynen, John Marshall, Klaus Osterloh, Andy Haderer, Wim Both trompetas

Bernt Laukamp, Ludwig Nuss, Dave Horler trombone

Mattis Cederberg bajo

Frank Chastenier Piano, organo

John Goldsby Guitarra acústica

Rodney Curtis Bajo, bajo eléctrico

Hans Dekker,

Dennis Chambers Batería

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