Disco 1

1. Two Bass Hit (With The Miles Davis Quintet)

2. Ah-leu-cha (With The Miles Davis Quintet)

3. In Your Own Sweet Way (With The Miles Davis Quintet)

4. Trane´s Blues (With The Miles Davis Quintet)

5. Diane (With The Miles Davis Quintet)

6. Dear Old Stockholm (With The Miles Davis Quintet)

7. While My Lady Sleeps (John Coltrane Sextet)

8. Chronic Blues (John Coltrane Sextet)

9. Violets In Your Furs (John Coltrane Sextet)

10. Off Minor (With The Thelonious Monk Quartet)

11. Ruby, My Dear (With The Thelonious Monk Septet)

12. Trane´s Slow Blues (John Coltrane Trio)


Disco 2

1. Like Someone In Love (John Coltrane Trio)

2. I Love You (John Coltrane Trio)

3. Blue Train (John Coltrane Sextet)

4. Moment´s Notice (John Coltrane Sextet)

5. Evidence (With The Thelonious Monk Quartet - Live)

6. Sweet And Lovely (With The Thelonious Monk Quartet - Live)

7. Blue Monk (With The Thelonious Monk Quartet - Live)

8. Straight, No Chaser (With The Miles Davis Sextet)

9. Sid´s Ahead (With The Miles Davis Sextet)

10. Stella By Starlight (With The Miles Davis Sextet)


Disco 3

1. I Want To Talk About You (With The Red Garland Trio)

2. Theme For Ernie (With The Red Garland Trio)

3. Bye Bye Blackbird (With The Miles Davis Sexter - Live)

4. Stardust (John Coltrane Quintet)

5. Blue In Green (With The Miles Davis Sextet)

6. Spiral (John Coltrane Quartet)

7. Cousin Mary (John Coltrane Quartet)

8. Harmonique (John Coltrane Quartet)

9. Like Sonny (John Coltrane Quartet)

10. Traneing In (John Coltrane Quartet - Live)