1-4. Suite Piazzolleana
1.Camorreando 5:53
2.Milongueando Solo 9:07
3.Retangueando 9:05
4.Canyengueando 6:50
5.Faraway, So Close 4:29
6.Three Minutes With Reality 3:08
7.La Vieja 2:48
8.Introduction 0:55
9.Presagios De Carnaval 7:36
10.Perplexity 4:44
11.Obsession 6:36
12.Gelsomina 2:02

Fernando Tarrés: composition, guitar and percussion
Donny McCaslin: saxophones and flute
David Binney: saxophones and indian flute
Tino Derado: piano
Ben Street: acoustic bass
Pablo Aslán: acoustic bass
Satoshi Takeishi: drums and percussion
Jeff Ballard: drums and percussion
Lucía Pulido: voice
Ted Reichman: accordion

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